Hi! I’m Anthony Otero

This is my home for all my class projects. Thank you for being a part of this journey

Mini Art School 3A: Cropping

I am very excited about this excercise because I choose to showcase some photos I have taken over the years. I love this picture because I feel NYC looks its best in the winter months. This is a pre pandemic picture of Macy’s that I took when I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping.…

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Mini Art School Part 2B: Shape Building Practice.

I had a lot of fun with this particular exercise. To begin, I had to use a new multimedia platorm I have never used before: Vectr. This is a free online tool that can be downloaded to the desktop. While I had fun, understanding a vector based platform took a while since I have been…

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Mini Art School 1C: Loosened Alignment Exercise

This was a challenge to do with the tools I had. Again, using Abobe Spark, I decided to layout the photos at the top. Since I had to figure out texting space, I didn’t want to chance breaking any of the rules so I decided to keep it as simple as possible. The photos are…

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Mini Art School 1B: Redesign an old Flyer

When I saw the option for this assigment I knew what I wanted to redesign. So, being a self published author means that I have to do my own marketing. About six years ago I had an idea to post quotes from my work on Instagram to get some interest. The result was less than…

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